by Friends as Enemies

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This is the first EP and musical release for the band Friends as Enemies recorded with Allen Simpson at Mesmerize Recording Studios. As a special thanks to you guys, we've also included an alternate album art idea we had before our final idea was made AND a copy of the artwork along with our logo!

We've poured our heart and soul into this and after countless hours of restructuring, rewriting, and rerecording, we give you this. The name Believer was chosen after one particular member was going through a rough patch in his life and signifies a "belief" of a new beginning. Friends as Enemies does not align itself with a certain religious belief due to the multiple religious views and respects of each member.

Friends as Enemies is Amit Lal on Vocals and Screams, Ricky Bjork on Guitar, Cooper Nitschke on Guitar, Henry Boyd on Bass and Vocals, and Daniel Ayers on Drums, Percussion, and Growls.

Both the logo and EP art were drawn by Josh Mason:

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released 12 April 2013

This album is dedicated to:
The Ayers, Lal, Nitschke, Boyd, and Bjork families, Kyle Bingham, Andre Johnson, Connor Nolte, Light the Atlantic, Josh Mason, Dropback Booking, Volume 11, Christos Triantafyllidis, Austin Gentri, Robbie Berns, Attractive Females, Tall Females, Cookout, and multiple friends of each of the separate band members.

Ricky: Firstly, I dedicate this EP and everything I've poured into this band to Michael Mendy and Jessica Fladung. Rest in peace. I would like to thank my mom and father, without them I could have never had anything I have now and I would also like to thank all those who gave me inspiration for the lyrics of one song and idea of the overall EP. Also to those who support local bands, you rock.

Daniel: I want to thank my parents for supporting my dream and for pushing me to become a better person. Without them I would have never gotten into music. Also thank you to anyone that comes out to local shows; you're awesome.

Amit: I would like to thank my family, friends, fans, and future fans. A special thanks to my friends who have been with me since the beginning. I've gone from jamming in dorm rooms and on roof tops to big stages. Thank you for always being there.

Cooper: First and foremost I would like to thank my bandmates AKA my best friends, I couldn't ask for better people to be in a band with. I'd also like to thank my friends and family; their support is what made me strive to work harder for this band and I appreciate that more than anything. I'd also like to thank the few fans we have right now, it means so much to have people supporting us already... stick with us; we promise we won't disappoint! Last but not least I would like to thank yoga pants for being awesome. Thank you, come again.

Henry: I'd like to thank my good friends in this band, as well as my friends and family and anyone who has come out to a show or listened to this EP.



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Friends as Enemies Raleigh, North Carolina

Friends as Enemies is a Raleigh-based Hardcore/Metalcore band comprised of 5 borderline special kids. Follow us at @FaE_Raleigh on twitter! For booking and other inquiries email:

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Track Name: Birth
We are the anguished and the deceitful,
The lost ones with no purpose in life
God forgive me cause I've veered astray,
Now my actions speak out of spite.

I know they say,
that you were made for something more than this,
your life fading fast than that wine stain that's dried upon your dress.

Girl leave it to you to try and teach me things that I could never learn.
Girl leave it to you to try to guide me wrong, at every turn
Track Name: To the Love of My Life, My Trophy-Wife
I swore that I would never speak of you or how it began
Now here I go making the same mistake again again
Champagne wine, and all the other finer things in life
I won't let you bring me down, no not this time

I never thought that I'd be one to fall
For such a pretty face, I lost my pace I guess I couldn't stay away
It's the things you do
That I will never understand
Girl you drive me insane, forget my name, you're so good at this teasing game

It's girls like you, who makes boys like us, the hopeless romantics, who just weren't enough.

Feel your heart sink faster

See the things I can't show you
Feel the earth beneathe crumble
Watch my heart burst apart again
Take control leave behind the pain

Lost in
A mind set
Of the
Less fortunate
See me
Lose control
And bury
You in the floor

I never thought that I'd be one to fall
For such a pretty face, I lost my pace I guess I couldn't stay away
Girl It's the things you do
That I will never understand
you drive me insane, forget my name, you're so good at this teasing game

You'll deceive, me again, and again, won't you now
I won't, fall for,your tricks, anymore
You keep, telling your, self that, you have changed
But the, truth is, your a, lying bitch

Lies after lies

You won't change
Track Name: Hide-and-Seek is Better When Everyone Else is Dead
With every step you take you leave behind
Every last bit of decent you could find
I'm not standing here preaching my mind
This Is where hate crosses the line

Fortresses, kingdoms, walls built with vanities
Reasons become hate when friends turn to enemies.
Presence is anything, anything but ordinary
When these walls, between us, begin to vary.

Fortune favors, those who can see
Not with their eyes, but with a beacon of clarity.

Oh, generosity

Your promises of a revolution
Based off a dream of restitution
Consumed by fires let's burn as one
Consumed by desire lets wait till...

Wait till! The blind learn to see
Wait till! Till its hard to breathe
Wait till! Your heart no longer beats
Wait till! You can admit defeat

Oh please, oh please listen to me
Oh see, see what I see.

Oh leave, leave with decency
Oh please, please listen to me

With indecency, follows humane
Actions of infidelity.

Action speak, louder then words
Words dont exist when the air in your lungs
Fills with hate, a lust of desire
A pretentious act, we've come to admire

Hey artist, where is your great creation?
Painting these wall red won't bring you peace.
Hey artist, where is your great creation
Painting these walls red won't bring you peace.
Track Name: False Ties
Father! I can't see
What I've become, what is reality?

I am, a testament,
of simple minds, of lost times

I've fought, way too hard
To lose this, all

Promises and structured politics
A deadly combination of favorite sins
The fall of true creation
In the eyes of temptation
Eyes closed and hands are tied
Feeding lifeless, endless lies
Where is your motivation?
To act out, of desperation

Over again, you're only sinking deeper
Try and catch your breath as the waves are crashing in
Pull your weight, all we do is point our fingers,
All these problems never resolved them
Holding on to false ties.

I, can't , begin, to realize,
All, the mistakes, that you, create.

With fear come countless meaning
To find a way to over come
The roads always changing
Hoping we would lose our way

What makes you think that I
Would give up this fight
What makes you think that I
Would forsaken what's right

What makes you so right
After I tried and tried
To feel so alive
To be perfect

To be perfect

Over again, you only sinking deeper
Try and catch your breath, as the waves are crashing in
Pull your weight, all we do is point our fingers,
All these problems never resolved them
Holding on to false ties.

With endless sense I begin
To learn to live with patience
With endless faith I begin
To learn to forgive

What, is the meaning of this?
You are a worthless pest.
You are a disease.
Track Name: Relapse
You always told me that we would last
And that he was a thing of the past
Twice in a row this has happened to me
My heart was locked and I gave you the key

Everything I gave away
Not asking for anything back
I hope you find another man
Cause I'm done with you

Hey there miss why has it come to this?

Dear bitch
Let go of it take over it
Feel it
Eat you alive you'll surely die